Tanmay Singh aka Scout, a professional Indian PUBG Mobile player, has got featured in the list of Top 200 Influencers in Asia by New York Press. He is also a YouTube Streamer with a channel on more than 3 million Subscriber. This 22-year-old gaming beast Scout is rated among the top PUBG Mobile players in India.

Reason Of Scout Behind Becoming A Gaming Master

He played football for Kolkata at the national level. And had a dream to represent Indian Football Team. But he was unable to do so due to his injury. Then Scout decided that he would rest at home and build his career in gaming. Scout has very good experience in terms of skills as he made contact with Indo and Chinese players and learned their skills.

Scout introduced the claw controls in India. Firstly, he used to control the recoil using a thumb.  However, when he started the use of Gyro Scope, the spray started becoming laser-like. Scout embodies Fnatic. It is an International professional Gaming organisation that has headquarters in England, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Scout: Listed Under Top 200 Influencers In Asia By New York Press Agency

Fnatic signed the Former team of X spark as their roster for PUBG MOBILE in October of 2018. After one month, Fnatic signed a Coach AURUM (Pratik Mehra ) and Ash (Ashish Bhatnagar). Owais and Ronak. Both had played previously from Team Soul. They experienced a high point by maintaining their position among the top members of the Indian Gaming Community. Ronak is one of the best snipers. Owais is the Assaulter.

Scout, Owais, and Ronak made their mind to form a lineup. In order to do so, they decided to leave their existing previous lineup in Esports. The team was selected in the lineup during X spark. They were the most hungry lions among all the contestants. Their presence showed how greedy they are towards winning the tournament. As to the state, a ravenous lion is more successful than a lion who has just commanded his wilderness.

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